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First and Second Graders Return To School From November 18th

On Wednesday, Education Minister Robert Plaga announced that first and second grade pupils would return to school next Wednesday, if the numbers of new confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic continue to decrease. Pupils will need to comply with hygiene measures. Photo credit: KB / BD.

Czech Rep., Nov 12 (BD) – As well as schoolchildren in the first and second grades of school, pupils from special schools will also return to school on November 18th. Education Minister Robert Plaga and Health Minister Jan Blatný announced their plan to reopen schools in Parliament on Wednesday.

Plaga listed the conditions of return on Twitter:

  • Fixed school groups with no mixing
  • Face masks to be worn everywhere at all times
  • Frequent ventilation of rooms
  • After-school groups will also be fixed
  • School canteens will be in operation.
  • At primary and secondary schools, individual 1+1 consultations will be possible for those in need. 
  • Language, art schools and secondary schools will continue with distance learning.

Children will return to school as whole classes, so they will not be divided into groups. However, schools will have to ensure that there is no mixing of classes. The same class will therefore study together, go to lunch together and spend time in after-school clubs together.

It has not been indicated when other schools will reopen their gates.

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