Red Poppy Campaign Celebrates War Veterans

The nonprofit organization Post Bellum has organized the public collection of donations for War Veterans Day for the sixth year in the Czech Republic. This day is marked around the world, especially in English-speaking countries, on the anniversary of the end of the First World War. Photo: Poppy field in namesti Svobody, Brno. Credit: KB / BD.

Czech Rep., Nov 10 (BD) – The poppy, a symbol of War Veterans Day, covered the graves of soldiers who fell on the Western Front. The poppy flower will be available from November 1st to 30th at hundreds of places – in libraries, cafes, shops, offices, information centers and other institutions.

Donations can be made online at, where you can contribute any amount of your choice. For each contribution, a poppy will “grow” on the poppy field in Brno’s namesti Svobody.

This year, through the Memory of the Nation Help Center, the donations will help veterans and other witnesses of war with their day-to-day needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Volunteers will help with shopping and errands, arrange professional help, or simply chat with them and help them cope with the difficult period of home isolation.

The publicly accessible Memory of the Nation archive now contains 1,300 stories of war veterans, including veterans of World War II, participants in the resistance during World War II and the Prague Uprising, guerrillas, participants in the 3rd resistance, as well as the stories of thousands of other resistance fighters and brave citizens who opposed Nazism or Communism without official military status.

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