ODS, KDU-CSL and TOP 09 Plan Coalition Party for 2021 Elections

On Tuesday, three Czech opposition parties – national-conservative ODS, Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) and centre-right TOP 09 signed a joint memorandum on cooperation and announced the plan to form a coalition for the 2021 national parliamentary election. Photo credit: TOP 09.

Czech Rep., Oct 28 (BD) – Party leaders Petr Fiala (ODS), Marketa Adamova (TOP 09) and Marian Jurecka (KDU-CSL) announced their intentions at a press conference on Tuesday at the memorial of Czechoslovakia’s first President T. G. Masaryk at Prague Castle. “Together we want to win the election,” declared the parties.

“Together with Marketa Adamova and Marian Jurecka, we want to work for the Czech Republic and its citizens. We want to win the upcoming parliamentary elections and change our country for the better. We are creating a coalition of hope for those who want change,” said Fiala.

“Constructive cooperation is now needed more than ever,” commented Jurecka.

According to Jurecka, the signing of the memorandum was preceded by four months of negotiations and discussions on how to organise cooperation and whether it is even possible.

“We can’t afford amateurism at Straka’s Academy [seat of Czech parliament] even for a moment. Our country deserves hope. The hope that our country will come out of the economic, health and social crisis with its head held high,” said Adamova.

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