Health Minister Tweets Reaction to Footage of Party for 50 People in Prague

A video from a recent private party in the Czech capital attended by dozens of people has been widely shared and discussed on social media, including by the Health Minister Roman Prymula. Photo: Twitter

Czech Rep., Oct 20 (BD) – Prymula was responding to a video that, according to its description, shows a private party in Prague attended by some 50 people. The video shows people dancing and partying without facemasks. It is not clear when and where the video was filmed, but it ends with a shot of Hradčany.

In a two-second video post, Prymula exclaims: “That’s exactly the problem,” grabbing his head in a typical Czech gesture of disbelief similar to a facepalm.

This is the second such social media contribution by Prymula in a short time. In a three-second message last week, he urged the public to stay at home.

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