Bar Shut Down at 2am on Friday By Brno Police

Brno City Police officers discovered an establishment still open at 2am during night patrols. The bar was playing loud music, and customers without facemasks quickly left the establishment. The owner is facing administrative proceedings. Photo credit: Police CR Video.

Brno, Oct 12 (BD) – According to police spokesman Pavel Šváb, at 2am on Friday, October 9th, Brno police officers discovered an establishment open during an inspection. The establishment caught the attention of officers who were ensuring compliance with anti-coronavirus measures. 

At the time, bars and restaurants should have been closed by 10pm, and new measures coming into force that day would move closing time forward to 8pm. 

Photo credit: Police CR Video.

While the majority of citizens and business owners have followed the new rules, some are not. On Friday morning, the bar in question had loud music playing, and customers not wearing facemasks left the bar immediately after the police arrived.

The operator of this establishment is facing administrative proceedings, having failed to comply with the legal operating hours. Police plan to increase their inspections. 

An offence can be assessed on the spot, with a penalty of CZK 10,000. Sanctions can increase following administrative proceedings. 

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