New Measures At A Glance: Government To Curb Sporting and Cultural Activities, Social Contacts

Brno Daily brings you a summary of the new measures that will enter into force in the Czech Republic from October 9th and 12th. From Friday, restaurants will only be open until 8pm, with a maximum of four guests at a table. Fitness centers, gyms and swimming pools closed their doors at midnight last night (Thursday to Friday). Photo credit: Archive.

Czech Rep., Oct 9 (BD) – Due to the rapidly increasing numbers of positive tests for coronavirus and the fast-growing number of serious cases of the disease, the new Health Minister Roman Prymula announced a significant tightening of current anti-epidemic measures on Thursday.

The government meeting was originally scheduled for Friday, but after Wednesday’s record increase of 5,335 new cases, the government announced the new measures a day earlier than anticipated.

Prymula also outlined a plan for the large-scale antigen testing of the Czech population. “There is a large group of people who have not been tested, and that group could be many times larger than people we are able to identify here,” said Prymula on Thursday.

If the new measures do not work, Prymula has not ruled out a complete lockdown, according to Czech TV.

The following measures are valid from October 12th for the next 14 days (with exceptions):


  • All cultural events will be canceled. Theaters, cinemas, museums, galleries and other spaces will be closed. Religious events will be limited to 10 people.
  • No pilgrimages, conferences or trade fairs will be allowed.


  • All sports activities, professional or leisure, will be cancelled. 
  • Only international matches will be allowed to go ahead, but without spectators.
  • Indoor sports facilities will be closed.
  • Up to 20 people will be allowed to play sports outdoors (for example tennis or football).
  • Pools, fitness centers, gyms were to close from midnight last night (Thursday-Friday).

Pubs and Restaurants

  • Venues have to close at 8pm from Friday onwards.
  • A maximum of four people will be allowed to sit at the table, from the current six.
  • Tables must be at least 1.5 metres apart.
  • The operation of hotels and guesthouses is unchanged.
  • Singing, live music and dancing will be banned in bars, restaurants and discos.

Shopping Malls

  • They will remain open.
  • In restaurants in shopping centers, so called “food courts”, a maximum of two people can be seated at a table.
  • Wi-Fi will be turned off so people are not attracted to hang around.

Public Offices

  • Operation will be limited to five hours, two days a week.

Hospitals and Elderly Care Homes

  • All visits will be suspended for 14 days.

Elementary and High Schools

  • Higher age groups at primary schools (age 10-15) will operate according to an alternating learning schedule (example: one week Class A goes to school, while Class B studies at home, the following week they switch).
  • In-person teaching is cancelled at all high schools throughout the Czech Republic, with the exception of certain practical courses.
  • A total ban on school attendance will apply on October 26th and 27th, as this will be followed by a public holiday on October 28th and a short autumn holiday.


  • In-person teaching is prohibited, except for clinical classes for courses related to medical care.


  • Are closed from midnight on Friday, October 9th.

Attendance at weddings or funerals and subsequent parties will be limited to 30 people. The right of assembly will be limited to a maximum of 500 people, and participants in these events may gather in groups of maximum 20 members, keeping at least two metres distance, and wearing face masks.

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