St. Anne’s Hospital Is Running A Blood Donation Drive This Week

A blood drive is running until Friday October 9th at St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno. Donors are invited to take part in the “450 ml of Hope” project, between 6:15am and 9:45am each day this week. Currently, there is a shortage of blood from groups B+ and O-. Photo credit:

Brno, Oct 6 (BD) – Blood donations have declined due to the epidemiological situation. This week, St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno joined the “450 ml of Hope” project (“450 ml naděje”), an initiative to find new blood donors. 

Donations will be collected from 6:15am to 9:45am each day this week until Friday at the blood bank of St. Anne’s University Hospital. While all blood donations are appreciated, the hospital is currently lacking stocks of blood groups B+ and O-.

“I would like to invite everyone not to be afraid and to come and donate blood. Of course, we strictly follow all hygiene and epidemiological measures, they don’t have to worry about anything. Blood is an irreplaceable fluid needed by patients during operations, and especially in some acute operations there is a very high consumption. One never knows in advance when they might need blood,” said Jarmila Celerová, head of the FNUSA Blood Bank.

Those who donate blood this week will receive a Respilon nanofiber respirator and other gifts from the event sponsors. There is also a chance to win prizes in a draw including a ride in a hot air balloon or use of a Toyota Yaris for the weekend. See the Facebook event for more details.

The FNUSA blood bank collection center confirmed that donors can only donate if they have valid health insurance in the Czech Republic. Donors who meet the general criteria to donate can make an appointment by calling 543 182 190 or via their website.

The project is part of the Endowment Fund of Hope (“Nadačního fondu naděje”), which supports collection centers and transfusion stations in the Czech Republic.

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