Best South Moravian Wines of 2020 Announced

The Wine of the South Moravian Region 2020 will be used to promote the South Moravian Region at events in the Czech Republic and abroad, to show off the quality of regional wines. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Sep 30 (BD) – Four wine brands – two white and two red wines – have been awarded the title of “Wine of the South Moravian Region 2020”. The announcement was made in cooperation with the National Wine Center in early September. The winning wines will be issued with a special certificate and will officially represent the region at the nationwide and foreign events.

The competing wines had to be made from grapes grown and produced in South Moravian vineyards. Each winemaker could enter only two wines into the competition. The evaluation of competition samples took place on September 9th, 2020, in the “Center of Excellence” in Valtice. A total of 31 regional winemakers entered the competition, with 60 varieties of wine. 

The wine-growing region of South Moravia is the most important in the country. Photo credit: Freepik.

“The selected wines will receive the “Wine of the South Moravian Region 2020” certificate, and we will then use them to present the South Moravian Region, not only in our country, but especially on foreign trips, to show the quality of our regional wines. With their quality and character, South Moravian wines are undoubtedly something that our region can be proud of,” said South Moravian Governor Bohumil Šimek.

Purchase agreements with the winners were approved on Tuesday by regional councillors. Each producer had to guarantee the delivery of 600 bottles of 0.75 litres for white wines and 300 bottles for red wines to enter the competition.

South Moravia is the most important wine-growing region of the Czech Republic, and the highest concentration of vineyards is found in the area stretching from Znojmo to Uherské Hradiště. The area has 17,421 hectares of vineyards, 96% of the total area of vineyards in the Czech Republic.

Wines awarded the title “Wine of the South Moravian Region in 2020”:

WineQuality ClassificationYearSugarProducer
Veltlínské zelené ExtraLate harvest20191,20Vinařství Piálek & Jäger s.r.o.
Ryzlink vlašskýLate harvest20193,50Vinařství ŠOMAN
FrankovkaMoravian Regional Wine20190,20Vinařství Veselí nad Moravou s.r.o.
SvatovavřineckéLate harvest20180,30VÍNO PROKEŠ s.r.o.
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