Taiwan Donates Facemask Production Equipment to the Czech Republic

To further solidify the diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and Taiwan, a Tainan-based company and other machinery companies are donating mask production equipment to the Czech Republic to help contain the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Official visit to Taiwan by Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil in August. Credit: Senat.cz.

Czech Rep., Sep 16 (BD) – On Tuesday, a Taiwanese automation equipment company promised to donate a 3D surgical facemask production system to the Czech Republic. This announcement comes after the landmark visit of Czech delegates to Taiwan in August. The donation is being given to the Czech Republic as a token of appreciation for the Czech Republic’s show of diplomatic friendship towards Taiwan.

The system consists of five fully-automated high-end 3D mask production lines, jointly donated by Autoland Technology and a group of other machinery industry leaders in southern Taiwan, said General Manager Kuo Li-lin. The equipment is expected to be in the Czech Republic by the end of October.

High-end 3D mask production lines from Autoland Technology Co., Ltd. (東建安公司). Photo Credit: Autoland.

The automated system costs US$1.52 million and can produce 43,000 masks per day. The machine is planned to be used to produce masks for frontline healthcare workers. Kuo also estimated that the machine will generate €200 million per year in economic benefits and increase job opportunities in the country.

The Taiwanese company has also assured the Czech Republic that they will send their technicians to help assemble the machine when it arrives. Kuo added that online support will be provided should the machine break down. “Taiwan’s communications networks are well developed. If there are any problems, we can communicate through video to help them overcome obstacles,” said Kuo.

The historic trip by the Czech delegation enraged the Chinese Government, who see Taiwan as their territory due to be reclaimed someday. Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil became the highest ranking Czech Government official to ever visit the country. China sees the visit as an elevation of Taiwan’s diplomatic status.

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