Fatal Train Collision at Ivančice Level Crossing

The collision with a train led to the death of the 81-year-old driver of the car. While investigations are ongoing, the police said that the accident may have been caused by a technical fault in the car or the car crossing in a dangerous manner. Photo credit: KK, Brno Daily / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Sep 2 (BD) – At about 8:15am this morning, a car collided with a train at a level crossing outside the village of Ivančice near Brno. The 81-year-old driver of Fiat died in the crash. 

Police spokesman Bohumil Malášek said that “the crossing did not have barriers or without lights,” as reported by Brněnský Deník. The police are not sure why the driver was on the crossing at the same time as the train was passing, but police spokesman David Chaloupka said it could be due to “a technical fault in the car or an unsafe crossing,” among other possibilities.

The passenger train was travelling from Moravské Bránice to Ivančice when the incident occurred, and Martin Drápal, spokesman for the Railway Inspectorate, said that the damage runs into “tens of thousands of crowns”. He added that the railway crossing is marked only by a warning cross.

According to Drápal, the accident had no effect on road traffic, but rail traffic has been suspended, with a rail replacement bus service in effect between Moravské Bránice and Ivančice. 

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