Reconstruction of Sewer and Water Systems on Besední and Veselá To Begin in October

The water supply and sewerage systems under Besední and Veselá streets, which are in poor condition, will be reconstructed in the section between Solniční and Středova. A contractor has now been chosen, and the work should begin in mid-October, lasting 10 months. Photo credit: KB / Brno Daily.

Brno, Aug 25 (BD) – Brno City Council has selected a contractor to carry out essential work on the water supply and sewer systems under Besední and Veselá in the centre of Brno, which will see 342 metres of sewer reconstructed, as well as over 380 metres of connecting sewer pipelines. The contractors, chosen on the recommendation of the evaluation committee, are IMOS Brno and Metrostav.

“The condition of the sewerage and water supply system in these streets is unsatisfactory and the reconstruction, under the contracting authority of the Brno Waterworks and Sewerage System, will improve drainage conditions and supply of drinking water. We will also pay attention to coordinate work with other construction projects in the area,” said David Grund (ODS), City Council Member for Investment.

The work will be coordinated with other repairs taking place on, amongst other streets, Solniční. Photo credit: KB / Brno Daily.

342 metres of the sewerage system will be reconstructed, of which 156 metres will be conducted in a classically excavated gallery, and 186 metres through an open excavation. At the same time, 382 metres of connecting sewer will be reconstructed. Water mains with a total length of 221 metres will be repaired, and 120 metres of water pipes will be replaced.

The work will be coordinated with other repairs taking place on Solniční, Opletalova, Česká, Besední and Veselá, including further work on the water system, road reconstruction, telecom infrastructure works, and repairs to gas and power lines. 

The estimated date for the beginning of the work is October 15th, 2020, with construction expected to take 300 calendar days. The estimated cost of the work is CZK 52,945,893 without VAT.

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