UberX Returns To The Streets of Brno

Since this morning, Brno residents have been able to use the alternative taxi service Uber once again. This was made possible due to an amendment to the Road Act. Prices for the service have not changed much since its original launch in 2017. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Jul 30 (BD) – As of 10.30am today, Uber is back in business in Brno, with the launch of the UberX service. According to ČT Brno, there will be 60 drivers in the city, all with taxi licenses as required by the new regulations.

Uber’s return to Brno was announced on July 23rd, following an amendment to the Road Act to allow alternative taxi services to return to the city. The amendment legalized the use of mobile apps to order cars, and ended the requirement for all taxi rides to be registered via a meter, which together has allowed Uber to return.

Cost for a 15 minute ride from Svobody Namesti to Brno Dam.

Prices have remained relatively the same since Uber first arrived in Brno in 2017, at nine crowns per kilometer, three crowns per minute in a car, and with a CZK 25 boarding fee, with an overall minimum fare of CZK 50.

Uber has put in place several safety regulations that must be observed by both drivers and passengers. These include the obligation for everyone in the car to wear masks, and wash or disinfect their hands before every ride.Uber checks whether drivers are wearing their facemasks using verification technology that must be confirmed before every ride. Additionally, both the driver and passenger are asked whether all safety measures were followed as part of the rating after the trip.

With 60 drivers in total, availability remains relatively low at the moment.
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