Česká Pošta Mistakes Prague Cathedral for Brno

There are now 200 people in the Czech Republic with a limited-edition version of Brno – complete with Prague’s St. Vitus Cathedral. The state mail carrier accidentally printed a set of stamps with St. Vitus Cathedral and the word “Brno”, before realizing the mistake and withdrawing the stamps. Photo credit: Miloš Gregor.

Brno, Jul 20 (BD) – The state mail carrier Česká Pošta issued a special edition set of fragrant stamps, one of them decorated with the Prague landmark of St. Vitus Cathedral. Unfortunately for them, the stamp also said “Brno”.

Whether the company had swapped the picture or the names, the souvenir stamp went out depicting the Cathedral as a place in Brno. The post office was quick to spot their error, apologized, and withdrew the stamps from sale, but not before around 200 people had bought the now very limited-edition stamps. “Mauritius Post Office Stamps a la Česká Pošta” quipped one amused social media user.

Another wrote: “St. Vitus Cathedral as the dominant landmark of Brno. Thank you Czech Post. I would send them a keychain, but I’m afraid that if I sent it via mail, it wouldn’t arrive.”

“I am extremely glad that Czech Post has decided to promote the beauties from other cities, not just the sights of Prague, such as St. Vitus Cathedral. Please, if anyone knows where this view is in Brno, let me know,” added another.

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