Brno Firefighters Rescue Horse Stuck in Swamp

Brno firefighters were called out to rescue a horse that had got stuck in a swamp while riding through woods outside the city. The operation took nearly five hours, but with the help of other rescue units and a crane, the horse was successfully rescued and is in good health. Photo credit: HZS JmK.

Brno, Jul 16 (BD) – On Wednesday, at around 11am, the South Moravian Fire Department (HZS JmK) received a report that a man had got stuck under his horse in the woods near the village of Ujezd u Rosic. By the time the firefighters arrived, the man had managed to get himself out of the situation, but the horse remained lying in a “swampy forest path,” said HZS JmK spokesman Jaroslav Mikoška.

Photo credit: HZS JmK.

The horse had become trapped knee-deep in mud while riding in the woods, unable to get out without further help. A specialized animal rescue unit, a veterinarian and the Horse Rescue Service attended the scene along with the firefighters. 

Firefighters removed the water and mud using buckets, and the veterinarian sedated the horse to make the rescue operation smoother. Next, after securing the horse to a special rescue net, the firefighters were able to pull it to safety with the help of a crane. The mission took around four and a half hours to complete.

Photo credit: HZS JmK.

Apart from a few abrasions, the horse is in good health and was not otherwise physically harmed.

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