Opinion Polls Show Persistent Large Lead For Governing ANO Movement

A new poll has shown no significant change since pre-coronavirus times, with ANO polling over double its two nearest challengers, who are also still the same. Photo credit: Vlada.cz

Czech Rep., Jul 15 (BD) – When it comes to the popularity of Andrej Babis’s ANO Movement, the more things change, the more they stay the same. A new poll puts ANO on 29% voting intention, more than double the support for second-place ODS (14%) and third-place Piráti (13.5%). The latter two parties have been locked basically neck-and-neck in second and third place since the last election. 

The polling indicates that any criticism of Babis’s handling of the pandemic has not resonated with his voters, but also shows no evidence of a “coronavirus bounce”, as seen for leaders of other countries during the crisis.

Image and data by CVVM.

The poll shows three other parties above the threshold for representation in the Chamber of Deputies: a resurgent Social Democratic Party at 13%, the Communists at 7.5%, and the Mayors and Independents group scraping in at the minimum 5%. The Christian Democrats, liberal TOP 09, and the far-right parties SPD and Trikolora all fall short.

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