San francisco Hyde Street Cable Car Tram of the Powell-Hyde in California USA

San Francisco-Style Uphill Tram Proposed For Brno-Vinohrady

In San Francisco, California, a tram ride up a steep hill is one of the most famous can’t-miss experiences for tourists. Brno may soon have a similar photogenic landmark, thanks to a plan to extend the tram network to the Vinohrady district, and thus improve transport links to the city center for tens of thousands of residents. Vinohrady is currently only served by buses and trolleybuses. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, May 29 (BD) – The original plan, first proposed in connection with the new zoning plan for Brno published this spring, proposed moving the tram loop from Líšeňská, where there is no prospect for further development in the future, up the hill to the Viniční polyclinic, to provide public transport links for the planned new apartment buildings on Šedova.

However, Petr Kunc (TOP 09), Deputy Mayor of Židenice, has proposed a different route: “In my opinion, the proposed new location of the loop is unfortunate, because, in addition to the large development project, a new swimming pool is planned in the same place. It would make more sense to direct the trams up Šedova to the top of the hill in Vinohrady, where they would turn left and go along Věstonická to Pálavské náměstí, where they can turn around,” he said, as reported by Czech news outlet He added that this solution is suitable as the tram line would lead through land owned by the city. Kunc therefore plans to propose changes to the new zoning plan.

Following a meeting of interested parties at the municipality last week, the next step will be a technical study to determine whether trams are viable on the steep route proposed. The technical norm allows a maximum slope of about eight percent.

Source: Petr Kunc via Twitter.
Source: Petr Kunc via Twitter.

Vinohrady would therefore get a direct tram connection to the center of Brno for the first time.

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