Brno Career Advice App Salmondo Temporarily Offered To Schools For Free

Salmondo, an app developed in Brno, that uses aptitude and psychological tests to help students from primary and secondary schools decide on their career and academic paths, is to be offered for free until the end of the school year, due to the impact of the pandemic on school children and their grades. Photo: Courtesy of Salmondo.

Brno, May 28 (BD) – “Salmondo is a user-friendly web application designed for students and educational or career counsellors, prepared in cooperation with leading Czech experts. Thanks to sophisticated psychological tests, questionnaires and other tools, students will learn more about themselves and what study and career path might be right for them,” said Tibor Kucera, one of the app’s creators.

Photo: Courtesy of Salmondo.

Now, in response to the complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the creators of Salmondo have decided to make the software available to all schools for free. “Like many other organizations in education, we want to support teachers and expand the possibilities of distance learning to support career counselling and students’ personal development. We are now offering the full version of the Salmondo application to all primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic until the end of the 2019/2020 school year,” added Kucera.

Representatives of schools can find the software on the website

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