Senior Citizen Driving the Wrong Direction on D1 Tracked Down by Helicopter

An 89-year old man who drove in the wrong direction on the D1 highway for at least ten kilometres was tracked down by a helicopter and arrested. The confused man was unable to explain how the incident had occurred. Photo: Policie CR.

Brno, May 22 (BD) – On Thursday morning around 11am, police received several reports of a white Skoda Felicia driving in the opposite direction on the D1 Highway. The police sent all available units to the scene, who closed the highway and deployed a helicopter to find the ‘ghost driver.’

Photo: Policie CR.

The helicopter soon located the car driving off the highway in Slavkov, near Brno. When police officers stopped the car, the driver, an 89-year old man, was unable to explain how he had ended up on the highway driving in the opposite direction. According to police spokesman Petr Vala, the man was confused and said he had planned on going for a short drive to see his son in the next village. Eventually, however, he ended up lost, seventy kilometers from home. The man is now facing criminal charges of general negligence. If convicted, he faces up to two years in prison. Luckily, no fatal collision occurred.

In connection with the investigation, police are asking anyone who witnessed the incident to call the emergency number 158, or alternatively, to contact the police officers from the highway department of Ivanovice na Hane on 974 639 760.

Photo: Policie CR.

In the event you encounter a car driving in the opposite direction, Vala says to “immediately drive into the right lane, slow down and turn on the hazard warning lights. If the situation allows, call the emergency number 158 immediately and tell the operator where you are. With a timely and prompt reaction, you can save lives.”

Video source: Policie CR.

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