Lost Child Quickly Reunited with Grandfather Thanks to His Facemask

Police were able to quickly reunite a lost five-year-old with her grandfather thanks to her description of his unusual looking facemask, after they had become separated at a historic vehicle demonstration on Saturday. Photo credit: Technical Museum in Brno via Facebook.

Brno, May 19 (BD) – “Police officers became convinced of how useful facemasks can be, and not just for fighting the pandemic, during a demonstration of historic vehicles,” said police spokesman Pavel Svab. 

During the demonstration, a five-year-old girl got separated from her grandfather and sister. Passers-by noticed the lost girl and passed her to police officers at the event, who managed to calm the girl down by wrapping her in a blanket.

Without hesitation, the preschooler then described her party, including her grandfather’s distinctive black-and-white face mask. It was thanks to this detail that the officers were able to identify an older man matching the description, and the girl was quickly reunited with her grandfather.

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