Large-Scale Testing Reveals Very Low Presence of Antibodies Among the Czech Population

The presence of antibodies in the Czech population is very low, according to Ladislav Dušek, Director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (UZIS). Photo: FN Brno.

Brno, May 6 (BD) – This was the result of a study of collective immunity among the Czech population, which involved large-scale testing of the public in Prague, Brno, and other Czech cities.

Large-scale testing in Brno. Photo credit: Armada CR via Twitter.

The study concluded that there are around two undiagnosed positive cases of coronavirus infection for each confirmed case in the Czech Republic. “In addition, 50 percent of these people went through the disease without visible symptoms,” said Dušek. This means that the overall proportion of asymptomatic carriers is around 30 percent.

As part of the large-scale testing, 26,500 people were tested using so-called rapid tests.

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