Deadline For Municipal Waste Fees Pushed Back to August 31st

Brno residents and property owners, both Czech and foreign, are used to an end-of-May deadline for paying their municipal waste fees. However, due to the extraordinary emergency measures, Brno City Council approved a proposal on Wednesday for a generally binding ordinance that will postpone the due date until the end of August, and recommended that the City Assembly [“zastupitelstvo”] approve the change. The administration office for municipal waste fees (including cash desks) is CLOSED to the public until further notice. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, Apr 17 (BD) – “In the current difficult situation, where the measures imposed are affecting the lives of many citizens, we have recommended that councillors postpone the deadline for payment of the waste fee to the end of August. I believe that this could help many people with the problems that have arisen with the pandemic,” said Mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková.

The City Assembly will meet on April 21st.

The city is urging people to pay their waste fees by cashless means: “The easiest way to pay the fees is through a bank transfer or through the city’s BrnoID e-shop. Another option is paying by postal order. For preventive reasons, we have suspended cash payments at the counter until further notice,” added Petr Hladík. The 2020 fee is CZK 670. A recent change is that children under 4 and seniors over 70 are exempt from the fee from this year. The fee also applies to all foreign nationals who have been living in Brno for longer than three months or have a registered residence.

This year, revenue from the fees is expected to be around CZK 206 million, with CZK 44 million collected so far. The waste management fee is often considered to be a city tax. All information about the fee can be found in English on the city website and in our article from last year.

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