Last April’s Tram and Trolleybus Crash on Masná Due To Technical Fault, Say Police

One year on, Czech Police are continuing to investigate the major crash that took place last year on April 1st on Masná. The crash involved a collision between an empty tram and a full trolleybus, and left 43 people injured, causing CZK 2.5 million of damage. Photos: HZS JmK. (Read more in our previous article: “Huge Accident at Masná, Heavy Delays for Many Public Transport Lines”)

Brno, Apr 1 (BD) – According to police spokesman Pavel Šváb, the cause of the crash was a technical fault with the trolleybus, a conclusion reached by expert investigators following examination of all the evidence: “They confirmed the findings from examination of the accident site and the crashed trolleybus itself. There was a technical problem that prevented control of the trolleybus, but at the moment we cannot specify exactly what the problem was.”

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The findings confirm the initial theory of the investigation immediately following the crash last year, and refute rumours at the time that the trolleybus was swerving to avoid pedestrians.

Video Source: Czech Police via YouTube.

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