Record High Temperatures Expected This Thursday

Temperatures in Brno will reach 18 degrees on Thursday, double the average temperature for March. Photo credit: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, Mar 10 (BD) – Thursday is expected to be the hottest March 12th on record in Brno, with temperatures reaching up to 18 degrees. Until this year, the highest temperature recorded on this day in Brno was 13 degrees in 2014.

Brno usually sees high temperatures of 9 degrees, and lows of around zero. At 18 degrees, this means that Thursday will be double the average temperature of a regular March day, and also probably the warmest day of this month.

Last year, the entire month of March was exceptionally warm, with temperatures consistently peaking above the average every day, and several days reaching temperatures of up to 20.

Temperatures will gradually rise until Thursday, with an expected high of 12 degrees today and 16 tomorrow. On Friday, temperatures will start dropping again, with forecasts of a low of 2 degrees and a high of 12.

Other regions in the Czech Republic will see temperatures ranging from 13 to 18 degrees on Thursday, with the lowest temperatures in the west of the country and the highest in the east.

Next week, temperatures will remain average, ranging from -1 to 12 degrees.

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