In Brief: Spot Checks At The Czech Border, Hospitals To Close

Emergency measures against coronavirus came into force at 10 Czech border crossings this morning at 7am (in South Moravia: Mikulov, Břeclav and Hatě). Photo: Police CR.

Brno, Czech Rep., Mar 9 (BD) – Police, fire departments and customs officers are carrying out spot checks on vehicles and measuring the temperature of occupants. In South Bohemia, a truck driver with a high temperature was taken by emergency services to the hospital for tests.

This morning, the National Security Council announced the closure of hospitals and residential care homes for the elderly to visits as a security measure; some departments, such as neonatology, pediatry, and others, will be excluded. The new measures will come into force “indefinitely” from tomorrow, according to Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtech.

“If a temperature above 38 degrees is detected, officials will contact the 112 line and those in question will be taken to hospital or placed in home quarantine after consultation. If they are foreigners, they will be asked to return to their homeland, or they will be treated as Czech citizens,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová on Sunday evening.

According to Czech Minister of Defense Jan Hamacek, the border checks will continue “until necessary”.

Photo: Police CR.

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