American Folk Star Suzanne Vega Coming to Brno This June

The American singer Suzanne Vega is returning to the Czech Republic on the 8th of June, performing at Brno’s Spilberk Castle. Photo credit: Live Nation.

Brno, Mar 4 (BD) – Suzanne Vega has been one of the biggest names in the folk scene since the early 80s, when she performed in clubs in New York’s Greenwich Village with just an acoustic guitar, singing her own folk songs. Her early career was influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Leanord Cohen and Joni Mitchell. With their charming and unpretentious flavor, Vega’s songs have won popularity on both sides of the ocean, thanks to her exceptional ability to portray the stories of New York City.

Vega’s self-titled debut album was released in 1985 to great critical acclaim and success in the U.S, and reached platinum status in the United Kingdom. Her second album “Solitude Standing,” was released in 1987, and was an even bigger hit, featuring her two biggest hits, “Luka” and “Tom’s Diner”, though the latter didn’t become a hit until a remix by the British duo DNA was released in 1990.

To date, Suzanne Vega has released nine studio albums and more than 20 singles. Her last album, “Lover, Beloved: Songs from an Evening with Carson McCullers” was released in 2016. In May, her discography will add a live album entitled “An Evening of New York Songs and Stories,” featuring the emotional charge and urgency that characterise her live concerts. 

Vega has also been actively cooperating with Amnesty International, performing at charity events and organizing various charity concerts since the release of her hit “Luka,” which was about child abuse, and featured the perspective of an abused child. In part because of her work as an activist, Vega had a long-lasting friendship with Vaclav Havel, and wrote the song “Horizon” about his vision.

Tickets for the concert went on sale today on Live Nation, with prices starting at CZK 1190.

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