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No Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in South Moravia, According To Regional Hygiene Authority

The Regional Hygiene Authority issued a report on coronavirus, including information on quarantined regions in Italy. All suspected cases in South Moravia are in fact influenza or other respiratory infections. Photo: For illustrative purposes / Freepik.

Brno, Feb 26 (BD) – In the period January 27th to February 26th, South Moravian epidemiologists conducted 75 expert consultations with patients with suspected cases of the “new coronavirus”:

• In 69 cases, the suspicion of coronavirus was assessed as completely without basis

• In six cases, patients were screened for coronavirus, and all were negative. Five of these were Chinese citizens and one was a Czech citizen.

All reported cases were influenza or other respiratory infections.

Czech media have reported on the spread of fake news stories on social media about cases of the virus in Vyskov and Bohunice hospitals. Both cases were denied by the hospitals today.

The quarantine is currently in place in 11 Italian cities, 10 in Lombardy and one in Veneto.

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