Reasons for Waiting with Cat on the Rails

Czech Theater performs Czech plays in English. Cat on the Rails opens March 1. Photo credit: Danny Aboud.

Brno, Feb 25 (BD) – In a good relationship, both partners feel a strong yes. Yes for themselves, yes for their partner, yes for the relationship. But what if one of the partners only feels like maybe? What if you’ve been together for seven years already and it’s still just possibly maybe?

The Czech play Cat on the Rails was written in 1964. At that time, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic had a stagnant economy, industrial growth was low, and emigration was nearly impossible. The play, however, concerns an ordinary couple, waiting at a whistle stop for a train that isn’t coming. While they wait, they confront the lack of movement in their own relationship. If not now, when?

In today’s swipe-left culture, where “ghosting” is recognized by Oxford dictionaries as a word, it might be hard to imagine what it is like to feel trapped in a relationship. But maybe not. When their kisses say yes and their laughter says yes, how long would you wait to see if they might say yes in words? Would you consider it as some kind of wicked game? Would you play? Or would you give up and walk away? What if there wasn’t any place to walk away to?

Cat on the Rails. Photo credit: Danny Aboud.

Josef Topol’s Cat on the Rails, translated into English by George and Christine Voskovec, will be performed March 1, 7, and 8 at 7 pm at Music Lab, Opletalova 1. Tickets are available here.

Czech Theater is a multicultural amateur community theater presenting Czech plays in English. The group’s mission is to make Czech theater culture accessible to people who don’t understand Czech and show Czech people a different perspective of their culture than they are used to, helping to bridge gaps between cultures. The theater’s Facebook page features updates about current and future performances and fun facts about Czech theater.

This community theater group is all amateurs, each contributing their own skills. Its actors do everything from designing the scenes to creating props. Contact to learn more about the group and how you can be a part.

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