In Brief: 50 Kg WW2 Aerial Bomb Found In Kuřim

Police have been evacuating residents in Kuřim this morning. A 50kg WW2 aerial bomb has been discovered in the woods near U rybníka. Photo: Police CR / Twitter.

Brno / Kurim, Feb 24 (BD) [update: 14:27] – “We have to get hundreds of people to a safe distance. The specialists now need to decide how to deal with the ammunition,” announced the Czech Police on Twitter shortly before 9am.

Photo: Kurim this morning / BD.

Police have announced that they have evacuated 101 residents and 175 schoolchildren from the area.

After a 2-hour procedure, the Soviet-made bomb was deactivated and will now be removed for professional disposal, according to the Czech Police.

According to Police spokesman Bohumil Malášek, an amateur with a metal detector discovered the bomb in a forest near a residential part of the city on Sunday evening.

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