Hospitals Cancel Visiting Hours Due To Growing Flu Epidemic

The rising numbers of patients infected by flu led five of the biggest hospitals in Brno to cancel their visiting hours. The number of flu cases in the South Moravian Region has increased 17.9% since last week. Photo: St. Ann’s Hospital in Brno. Credit: ZM / Brno Daily.

Brno, Feb 12 (BD) – There are currently 2,017 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. “This situation can be considered the beginning of a flu epidemic,” said Dr. Renata Ciupek of the South Moravian Regional Hygiene Office (KHS JMK). The highest numbers of cases are in Brno-City, with 2,303 per 100,000 people, and Hodonín, with 2,115 per 100,000. In both cases, the increase is more than 35% since last week. “The most affected groups are pre-school children and children between 6 and 14 years of age,” added Dr. Ciupek.

“The current situation has become so acute that we have decided to cancel visiting hours in the whole hospital. I understand that it’s hard for patients and their relatives, but on the other hand, surely no one would want to put an ill person at risk,” said Vlastimil Vajdák, director of St. Anne’s University Hospital. The hospital’s visiting hours are canceled from Tuesday, February 11th until further notice, as are the visiting hours at the University Hospital Brno and the Hospital of Merciful Brothers. The Military Hospital canceled visits on February 6th and the Traumatology Hospital on February 4th.

Chart: Acute respiratory infection (ARI) in South Moravia. A number of ARI cases per 100 000 citizens, 6th week, 2020; y-o-y comparison. Source: KHS JMK.

The Hygiene Office uses figures obtained from 186 General Practitioners for adults and 106 General Practitioners for children across the South Moravian Region, who have almost 427,000 patients between them. Since the beginning of the flu season, seven people were in a critical condition, and one patient died.

General recommendations during flu seasons are to follow the basic rules of hygiene, wash your hands, avoid crowded places where possible, allow air into closed spaces more frequently and accept treatment when ill.

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