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Upgrades to Traffic Lights At 12 Brno Intersections To Improve Efficiency of City’s Transport Network

The upgrades will include one new traffic light system at the pedestrian crossing on Turanka, as well as modernisation of 11 other intersections to improve efficiency and prioritise public transport and emergency vehicles. Photo: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Feb 7 (BD) – Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková (ODS) welcomed the announcement: “We are preparing Brno transport to function effectively in the future. Modern signaling devices are able to give priority to public transport vehicles crossing intersections, and can improve conditions for the passage of emergency service vehicles.”

The works will include a brand new light signalling system to be installed at the pedestrian crossing on Turanka, as well as replacement of the existing traffic light systems at the following junctions:

• Úvoz – Údolní

• Veveří – Nerudova

• Veveří – Kotlářská

• Úvoz – Žižkova

• Bratislavská – Příkop

• Drobného – Lužánecká

• Koliště – Cejl

• Koliště – Bratislavská

• Poříčí – Nové Sady

• Černovická – Kšírova

• Herčíkova – Hradecká

“Reconstruction will begin in the spring and last until the holidays. In connection with the work, drivers may encounter several days of restrictions at the crossroads,” added Council Member for Investment David Grund (ODS).

The work is the third phase of the “Traffic Management and Traffic Data Collection in Brno” project. In the previous stages, traffic lights were replaced at the intersections of Kounicova (Kounicova-Kotlarska, Kounicova-Zahradnikova) and Husova (Husova-Udolni), and several sections of the new fibre-optic cable route were built.

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