Brno Man Driving Erratically Rejects Drug Test, Blames Brothel Workers For His Intoxicated State

The man was pulled over for driving at night without the correct lights, and offered police a creative excuse for his intoxicated state. Photo: CG / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Feb 4 (BD) – One evening last week, police noticed a Toyota that was driving through the city centre without lights. When they pulled the car over on Dornych, they found a 55-year-old man behaving suspiciously, seeming restless and talking a lot. The driver tested negative for alcohol, but refused a drug test, on the grounds that giving blood went against his religious beliefs. He also refused to undergo a urine test for the same reason.

Upon further questioning from police officers, the man offered an explanation for why he might be under the influence of drugs. He said he had been at a brothel earlier in the evening, where his companions had been using drugs, and he suggested that the drugs may have passed into him during their sexual union. Police officers confiscated his driving license, prohibited him from continuing his journey by car, and reported his case to the appropriate authorities.

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