City of Brno Launches Information Guide For Newly Arrived Foreigners In Six More Languages

The guide covers the most basic information required in order to settle in the city and integrate into its structures, and answers the most important questions asked by newcomers. It is available in Czech, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Vietnamese, and Arabic. Photo credit: BD.

Brno, Jan 21 (BD) – I have just arrived to live in Brno. What should I do first? How can I find suitable housing? What needs to be arranged immediately for my family? What do I have to do to start working in Brno? How do I provide healthcare for myself and my family? What is everyday life like in Brno? The answers to all these questions and more can be found in the City of Brno’s information guide for foreigners, now available in six more languages: Czech, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Vietnamese, and Arabic.

The authors of the 40-page guide have drawn on many years of experience integrating foreigners into Brno, as well as new findings from the city’s intercultural liaison officers, appointed last year to communicate directly with certain nationality groups in Brno about their needs, and other Brno organisations that work with foreigners.

The guide is aimed at new arrivals who find themselves disoriented in the new city, without the necessary information to get started. “We focused on key areas of integration in the guide, included tips and warnings based on our experience, and provided all the contacts needed for further orientation,” explained Lenka Šafránková Pavlíčková, one of the project coordinators. The guide also contains a well-arranged directory of the most important contacts and city maps.

Click here to download the guide in: Czech; Ukrainian; Russian; Romanian; Vietnamese; Arabic, or download them all from this website. The guide is also available in English

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