In Brief: Brno Fire Department Contains Two Fires on Friday Evening

One injured, one deceased in fire at two different locations in Brno on Friday, January 17. Photo: Husovice, credit: South-Moravian Fire Department / HZS JmK.

Brno, Jan 19 (BD) – On Friday evening, Brno fire department was called to a fire in an apartment in Maloměřice. One person was injured half past five in a fire in Maloměřice. Firefighters contained the flames in 5 minutes.

Brno – Maloměřice . Credit: South-Moravian Fire Department / HZS JmK.

The cost of damage was estimated at 50,000 crowns and the cost of saved property at 200,000 crowns. The firefighters saved a dog from the apartment.

Brno – Husovice. Credit: South-Moravian Fire Department / HZS JmK.

An older man died after being pulled from a burning apartment in Husovice after 6pm.

It took three fire crews and one hour to bring the fire under control.

The causes of both fires are currently under investigation.  

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