No Reward For Amateur Treasure Hunter From Blansko

Amateur treasure hunter Jiří Pernica saw his dream come true during the first weekend of January. While searching with a metal detector in Blansko, he came across a treasure trove – roughly 50 silver coins, which experts say date back to the 16th century. But he cannot expect any reward for his find. Photos: Muzeum Blanenska.

Brno, Jan 18 (BD) – Using a metal detector to search for treasure is categorised by Czech law as an intentional search, and use of an archaeological method. According to the law, rewards given for discovering any valuables – usually ten percent of the value – are only given out if the discovery happens by accident. 

The 16th century coins coins are now being kept in storage at the Blansko Museum for inspection. Photo credit: Muzeum Blanenska.

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However, Pernica said he would not be claiming the reward, as his satisfaction came from being successful in his hobby. He immediately offered his treasure to Blansko Museum for public display.

The case has sparked public debate about a change in the law in favour of those using metal detectors. There have also been suggestions that the region could issue a special reward for Pernica’s find.

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