Free Town Centre Parking Options Available For Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists can park for free in the area covered by the residential parking system, either by applying for a free parking permit and using a normal parking space, or by using one of the designated free parking areas for motorcyclists. Photo: Parking space in Marešova Street. TD / Brno Daily.

Brno, Jan 15 (BD) – Motorcyclists can park for free in the residential parking area by obtaining a free parking permit. Without a valid permit, motorcyclists must pay a parking fee according to the price list for the zone. Anyone can request a parking permit, regardless of where they live, simply by producing their motorcycle license.

There are also special parking spaces designated for motorcycles within the parking system, free for any motorcyclist to use, without the need for a permit.

StreetsNumber of spaces for motorcycles

Table: The number of spaces for motorcycles in each location.

More of these spaces will be added over time, but a map of the current locations can be found here

Map: Current locations for motorcyclists. Credit:

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