STAREZ-SPORT Receives Funding For Renovation Work On Cooling System at DRFG Arena

The funding will come from the State Environmental Fund (SEF) of the Czech Republic, and via a loan from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The arena’s cooling system will be reconstructed to be safer and more environmentally-friendly. The project was approved last year, but councillors asked the city assembly to approve an updated version of the project. Photo credit: HC Kometa.

Brno, Jan 14 (BD) – The changes included in the replacement plan, which required new approval from the assembly, relate to the new sources of funding involved. Municipal company STAREZ – SPORT, which administers sports facilities and investment on behalf of the city, has secured a subsidy of CZK 6,638,374 from the SEF and a low-interest loan of CZK 9,293,724 from the ERDF. The granting of the loan and the subsidy will enable preparations for selecting a contractor and the reconstruction of the engine room of the cooling system.

The work on the DRFG arena will completely replace the cooling technology in the engine room, the technology channel and the distribution to the ice surface, significantly reducing noise, electricity consumption and water consumption. The cooling technology will be automated, and the compressors and evaporative condenser will be replaced. The expected annual savings on energy, repair and maintenance, together with savings on personnel costs, will total CZK 3,354,465.

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