In Brief: Stairs Below Petrov Are Finished and Will Open to the Public in February

Although the newly constructed staircase is completed, access is currently blocked. Photos: TD / Brno Daily.

Brno, Jan 13 (BD) – For years, people have taken an improvised shortcut between Nádražní and Denisovy sady (Bašty) via an unofficial path up the slope, which is sometimes muddy. The city acknowledged the problem and decided to build a staircase there.

After half a year of work, the stairs are ready, but will not open until February, when the construction will undergo a final inspection.

The construction has not yet been approved; among others, the Monument Conservation Institute and the Environmental Department must submit their approval of the project.

“I assume that the final inspection will take place at the beginning of February,” said the manager of Brno Parks and Public Greenery, Marie Slavíková, quoted by the Czech news website

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