Driver Narrowly Escapes Death After Ice Load Falls From Passing Truck

A truck driver failed to clear the top of their vehicle of ice before driving, and only by chance avoided causing the death of a fellow driver. Photo: Police ČR.

South Moravia, Jan 8 (BD) – All drivers using the roads during the winter are legally obliged to clear ice from the top of their vehicles before they start driving, as the risk to other drivers from falling ice is significant. South Moravia Police are reporting one truck driver who ignored this rule on Monday, almost causing serious injury to another driver.

Photo: Police ČR.

As his truck was rounding a corner on the road between the South Moravian villages of Kuchařovice and Suchohrdly near Znojmo, passing a VW Golf travelling in the other direction, a piece of ice came loose from the top of his vehicle, flying through the windshield of the passing car, fortunately only slightly brushing against the 19-year-old driver’s head before flying through the rear window.

Photo: Police ČR.

According to police spokeswoman Lenka Drahokoupilová: “A 19-year-old young man from our region was born for the second time yesterday before noon. The lorry driver may not have realised how serious the incident was. He kept going and we are now looking for him. The car suffered material damage of about CZK 15,000 and its driver suffered light injuries.” The police are now looking for the truck driver, whose case will be submitted to the Znojmo Municipal Office if he is caught, with a fine likely. Drahokoupilová added a warning about the importance of safe driving in the winter: “In the context of this traffic accident, we emphasize the importance of properly removing ice from vehicles. If we discover ice on vehicles during a routine road inspection, a fine of up to CZK 2,000 can be imposed on the spot.” 

Photo: Police ČR.

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