Brno Police Report Three Accidents in One Hour Amid Worsening Weather Conditions

Brno traffic police dealt with three pedestrian accidents between 5pm and 6pm on Saturday, December 21. Photo: South Moravian Fire Department, for illustrative purposes.

Brno, Dec 28 (BD) – “According to the initial investigation, a woman crossing the pedestrian crossing on Zahradníkova probably walked the last few meters outside of the white lines, where she was hit by a car. On Přívrat, the pedestrian was probably to blame, who was crossing on a red light. On Ečerova, the driver didn’t see two women heading for the bus,” said South Moravian Police spokesman Pavel Šváb.

Alcohol was not involved in any of the cases. The injuries were light to medium-light, according to police. 

Reduced visibility due to both early gloom and rain probably contributed to the accidents. “Be careful, both drivers and pedestrians. We recommend pedestrians to be equipped with reflective elements. It is not mandatory in the city, but it will make it easier for drivers. For preventive reasons, we strongly recommend this,” concluded Šváb.

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