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Brno, Dec 24 (BD) – There is only one day left in the countdown to Christmas Day. Here are our recommendations on things to do in Brno to get you in the ultimate Christmas spirit. As well as fairytale walks in the forest and a traditional nativity scene, there will be an enchanting concert of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, a Christmas Eve run, and loads more Christmas parties! Find out more below! 

Preparing for a perfect Christmas Eve can be a little stressful. To help you relax during the busiest time of the year, Společenské Centrum Karas in Židenice will host a unique fairytale forest-walk in the Bílá hora region for those in need of a relaxing moment. The fun will include festive outdoor challenges, and traditional Christmas food and drink. Take a walk or play hide and seek with your kids to forget the stress of planning Christmas Eve on December 24th. The event is free to attend. Check all the information about the event on the Facebook event page (in Czech). 

If you’ve been going to heavy on the Christmas sweets, try the Christmas Eve run at Lužánky Park. Spend an hour on Christmas Day morning exercising with a light workout, a run or a brisk walk, and it could become a regular Christmas tradition. What’s more, by joining the run, you will have a chance to win a prize worth CZK 600. However, free registration for the event is recommended if you want to receive a lucky present. You can find more information about the running event on the Facebook event page (in Czech). 

Get ready to dance all night with Brno-based resident DJs at the “Greatest Christmas Party” on December 25th at Fleda Club. Like all Christmas parties, you can enjoy lots of popular cocktails, including Cuba Libre, Gin & Tonic and vodka with juice, while getting stuck into an amazing music show. The admission fee is CZK 130. Visit the Facebook event (in Czech) to find more information. 

Every year in Brno, one of the most anticipated exhibitions is the traditional nativity scene. Both children and adults have been awaiting this spectacular artwork featuring humans, animals and small buildings, based on the biblical story. The exhibition consists of approximately 60 smaller nativity scenes, including the giant traditional nativity scene vividly completed with Christmas floral decorations. Tickets to the traditional nativity scene at the Mitrovskych Summer Pavilion will cost from CZK 60 to CZK 100. The exhibition runs until January 12th. You can find more details about the nativity as well as the ticket options on the website (in Czech). 

The weather outside may be frightful, but the Christmas parties will be delightful! This week, Exit Club will be busy, hosting many different wild Christmas parties, including “The Christmas Zone” on December 25th, and the weekly “Exit Pa Ti Pa Mi” party every Monday until the end of the year. The Christmas Zone returns in 2019 with the most glorious techno beats at different tempos, while the Exit Pa Ti Pa Mi is all about the Latin dances of Bachata, Salsa, and Kizomba.

Barbar Punk is holding a year-end raffle again this year entitled “Christmas Riot”! You’ll never guess what your present is going to be! Just bring along a quirky present or any fun gifts to surprise a friend, and everyone at the party will be involved! Entry to the party is voluntary. Needless to say, great music will also be played during the raffle, chosen by Barbar Punk, S.A.S, and many others. The party will take place at Unleaded Coffee on December 27th. Check all the information about the event on the Facebook event page (in Czech).  

Bach’s joyful Christmas Oratorio has always been a popular favourite with concert audiences. Its glittering score and enchanting storytelling make it the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. The Žerotín Academic Choir (Akademický sbor Žerotín) will take over the Church of St. John on December 29th with their acclaimed interpretation of the wonderful work “Johann Sebastian Bach: Christmas Oratorio (BWV 248)”, under the conductor of Jakub Klecker. But hurry up, as tickets for the concert are limited, so book online now via this website or at the counter of the Student Agency (House of Lords in nam. Svobody). Tickets are between CZK 250 – CZK 300. Check the Facebook event page (in Czech) to find more information.

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