Protests Move To Regions After Tens Of Thousands Demonstrate In Prague on Tuesday

On Tuesday, December 17th, the latest in the series of Prague’s demonstrations against Prime Minister Andrej Babiš took place in Wenceslas Square. The crowd then marched to the Government Office in Straka’s Academy and to Klárov. According to Mikuláš Minář from the organizing association, Million Moments for Democracy, tens of thousands of people attended the event. Yesterday, the protests moved to the regional cities, including Brno, Ostrava, Zlín, Olomouc, and others. “Under the Christmas tree, a resignation”, “stbák” (referring to Babis’ past in secret communist police) and “we won’t give up” were among the messages of the protesters. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, Dec 20 (BD) – The protest in Brno started at 6pm in Malinovského náměstí, before dividing into two streams, one marching towards the old Tesco building at Hlavní Nádraží, and the other finishing the protest at Kapucínské náměstí.

People were carrying the Czech, EU and Moravian flags. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

The Million Moments event was launched by a speech from main organizer Mikuláš Minář. Minář thanked the protesters for caring, not giving up, and continuing to protest and show their support for democracy.

The Million Moments event was launched by a speech from main organizer Mikuláš Minář. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

Calling for Babiš’ immediate resignation, Minář described the motives for the protests: “We have a prime minister with a confirmed conflict of interest, who is again being investigated by law enforcement authorities. In addition, his government has shown incredible incompetence in communicating the results of audits.” 

In Brno, the protests are organized by the Million Moments and Společně Brno [Together Brno] movements.

People gathering in Malinovského náměstí. Photo: KK / Brno Daily.

According to various Czech media outlets, the attendance in Brno was 1,000 people, while police estimated it at 800 people.

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