Report: A Man with a Gun in the Area of Lidická Street

Police intervention in Lidická today. Photo: Blue Lune Productions.

Brno, Dec 20 (BD) [15:00] – Shortly before 2 pm, the street of Lidicka closed for cars and public transport. Police report a man with a gun in the area of Lidicka street. People should avoid the area. A police helicopter flies over downtown.

According to the Twitter account of Ceska Televize, a single gunshot was heard by witnesses in the area earlier.

Lidická today. Photo: Blue Lune Productions.

Before 3pm, Ceska Televize announced that the Police were intervening in a courtyard of one of the buildings.

UPDATE [15:23]: The police task force is leaving now.

According to Ceska Televize, the task force found the building empty.

UPDATE [15:31]: Public transport is back in operation, car drivers need to use alternative routes.

Public transport is back in operation. Photo: Blue Lune Productions.

UPDATE [16:05]: Police say there was nobody armed in the building. The gunshot was most likely not pointed at anybody. The investigators work also with the possibility that the gun was gas-powered. Life in the street is coming back to normal.

UPDATE [19:03]: According to the Twitter account of Ceska Televize, Police detained a man with a gas gun and ammunition in Lidická Street about half an hour ago. Police have taken him in for questioning.

Video: Česká televize / Twitter

“Shortly after 6 pm we arrested a thirty-one-year-old man near the crime scene. He was carrying a gas gun with ammunition. Investigators continue to work on the case,” said South Moravia Police Department spokesman Bohumil Malášek in the evening.

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