Explosive Substances Found in Apartment on Šámalova After Apparent Suicide of Occupant and Evacuation of 70 Residents

According to South Moravian Police Department, an explosion could have demolished the surrounding buildings. Title photo: HZS JmK / Twitter.

Brno, Dec 13 (BD) – The evacuation of more than 70 residents of Šámalova earlier this week was the right move,  according to the initial findings of the investigation. Chemicals were found in the apartment of a 42-year-old man on Monday, triggering the evacuation. According to police spokesman Bohumil Malášek, the danger was real; the police found large amounts of chemicals in the flat of a “weird man” with a chemistry education, who enjoyed carrying out experiments with explosives. 

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Police hazard response specialists had to dispose of the most dangerous substances in a safe location near Brno in two controlled explosions, including four vials containing about half a kilogram of picric acid, and a bag with almost 6 kg of a crystalline substance. 

The on-the-spot analysis found that the substance was most likely organic peroxides and nitrates, which are highly explosive. “Any explosion could have had destructive consequences, and not only for the building in which the apartment was located,” said Malášek yesterday.

Video: Controlled explosion of some of the substances found in Šámalova. Police CR.

There were dozens of boxes with vials, jars and test tubes containing various chemicals in the house. The hazard response unit had to sort the materials at the scene, and disposed of some almost immediately, with the remainder destroyed by a professional company.

The police removed nearly 30 samples from the area, which will be the subject of further investigations. 

During the investigation, detectives from the South Moravian PD found that the man most likely committed suicide, based on traces and evidence from the scene supported by the preliminary results of the autopsy. Police also initiated criminal proceedings for a particularly serious case of illicit armament.

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