New Exhibition “Fashion 2.1” To Examine Ethical Impact of Today’s Fashion Industry

The exhibition starts on December 10th at the Urban Centre, and will run until January 10th. Title image: MMB.

Brno, Dec 11 (BD) – The status of fashion in today’s world, its environmental impact, working conditions in the clothing industry around the world, and consumerism. These are the themes of a new exhibition opening today at the Urban Center, organized in cooperation with the organization NaZemi. The Fashion 2.1 exhibition acquaints visitors with the current situation in the fashion industry and the problems associated with it. “There is a lot of clothing in the world, and it looks like there is only going to be a lot more,” the organizers pointed out. 

The Fashion 2.1 exhibition will launch on Tuesday, December 10th at 5.30pm in the Urban Center. Part of the program is a symbolical fashion show of upcycled clothing organized in cooperation with the Veronika Foundation. The exhibition will run until January 10th. As part of the accompanying program, Tereza Volmutová from the NaZemi organization will be holding a guided tour on December 12th at 5pm, and a workshop on different approaches to clothing consumption on January 8th from 9am to 11am.

Entry to the exhibition is free. For more information, including opening hours, see the official website.

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