The Results Are In! City of Brno Announces New Winning Participatory Budgeting Projects

Winning projects included new escalators to the underpass at the train station, support for children with cancer in Brno, and several new sports facilities for Brno’s suburbs. Photo: Project gallery in Malinovskeho namesti. Credit: KK / Brno Daily.

Brno, Dec 3 (BD) – The council’s participatory budgeting initiative “Dáme na vas” allows citizens to vote on how a portion of the council’s financial resources will be spent, based on proposals from other members of the public. The idea is to generate new ideas from people in local communities, and give the city’s residents a more active role. The 14 winning projects from the latest round of participatory budgeting were announced on Saturday morning, including:

  1. The winning proposal, with 4,662 votes, was to fund and develop a range of support and treatment for children with cancer in Brno. Suggested by Irena Vlahovičová, this project will include various therapies, nutritional counseling, educational programs, provision of leisure activities, assistance services, rehabilitation and educational aids.
  2. “Trees for life” – a plan to plant 500 trees across Brno.
  3. A new indoor sports hall in Reckovice
  4. A new park for Sadova in Kralovo Pole
  5. “The City Gallery” – a collection of 20-30 murals to be created around Cejl
  6. A new cycle path from Slatina to Lisen and Marianske udoli
  7. A new cycle-only path to Brno Dam
  8. A new ice skating rink in Medlanky
  9. 50 emergency shelters for homeless people
  10. “Children Belong In The Playground!” – a new outdoor sports complex in Novy Liskovec
  11. New drinking water fountains across Brno, with an interactive map of their location
  12. A pump-track and parkour site in Medlanky
  13. A bicycle park between Vinohrady and Lisen
  14. Escalators down to the underpass at the main train station

The winning proposals have varying budgets and anticipated timeframes, but will all share the CZK 35 million budget allocated to the initiative by the council.

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