Brno Man Starts Fight In District Office Over Missing Honorific Title

The man burst into a Brno-Střed district office on Monday morning, complaining that his academic title had been disrespectfully omitted from official correspondence. After a physical altercation, the police were called. Photo: KK / BD for illustrative purposes.

Brno, Dec 3 (BD) – Staff in an administrative office of Brno-Stred district were forced to call the police on Monday morning after an aggressive member of the public came into the office, complaining that his academic title was missing in some official correspondence he had received from the district authorities. The man’s raised voice brought him to the attention of a 65-year-old member of staff, who went to try to help him. However, the man, in his forties, did not calm down, and instead tried to hit the member of staff in the face, before grabbing him around the neck and dragging him to the ground. The altercation soon ended, but by this time the police had already been called.

According to police spokesman Pavel Šváb: “When city police officers rushed to the town hall, the alleged aggressor was sitting still in his chair. None of those present were injured, so the officers asked all participants to describe the sequence of events. The 65-year-old member of staff who had been attacked also showed them a pair of spectacles worth several thousand crowns, which were damaged after the incident.” The case has now been turned over to the Republic Police.

This is not the first time academic titles have become a police matter in Brno. In September a man who had caused a disturbance on a city bus insisted that police attending the scene address him by his honorific. (Read more in our previous story: “Police called to ventilation altercation on Brno bus”.)

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