Police Looking For Possible Witness of Violent Mugging In Studánka Park

Police detectives are continuing to investigate the attack, which took place on Wednesday night. Photo: Police CR.

Brno, Dec 2 (BD) – On November 9th, at 5:45am, a 22-year-old woman walking home alone from a night out became the victim of a mugging. The perpetrator watched her for a moment, waiting for a suitable opportunity, which came in an empty park, Studánka. When he was sure that no one would disturb him, he attacked. In a staircase, he approached the defenseless woman, knocking her to the ground with one blow to her head, before grabbing the purse out of her hand and running away from the scene as she vainly begged him to return her purse. The perpetrator escaped with valuables worth around CZK 16,000.

Photo: Police CR.

Now police have appealed to help from the public to identify a possible witness. According to police spokesman Petr Vala: “Investigators have managed to secure several camera recordings, showing a man who was near the scene of the incident during the period in question and could make a significant contribution to the investigation. If you recognise the man, please let us know on the 158 emergency number.”

Video: Police CR.

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