English-Friendly Program At Goose On A String Theatre Continues With Three December Shows

The English-friendly shows, which are available at a special discount, include “Solo”, an individual mime performance, and two shows by director Michal Docekal: Stefano Massini’s “Dynastie” and Franz Kafka’s “Amerika”. Photo: Solo, courtesy of Divadlo Husa na Provázku.

Brno, Nov 30 (BD) [updated 2/12] – The Goose On A String Theatre, Brno’s iconic avant-garde theatre on Zelný Trh, continues its English-friendly series this December with three shows.

The first show will take place on Sunday December 1st at 7pm. Actor and director Radim Vizváry presents his individual mime show “Solo”, for which he won the Thalia Award in 2016. Vizváry will present classic and contemporary, poetic and comic works. You can laugh and cry without any words from Radim, as the expression is purely physical and connects movement virtuosity with acting. Tickets are available at a special price of CZK 200.

Happening on Friday December 6th at 7pm will be another performance of Stefano Massini’s “Dynastie”, the epic story of the Lehman Brothers, from their arrival in the USA carrying only their suitcases, to becoming the fourth biggest bank in the country before collapsing, and bringing the world economy down with it. Though informative and historically intriguing, director Michal Dočekal’s production does not focus on dry economic facts and figures, but is full of spontaneous theatricality, playfulness and a wild tempo. Ivan Acher’s music was nominated for the Theatre Critics’ Award. Tickets are CZK 100.

Dynastie. Photo credit: Jakub Jíra.

Then on Saturday December 7th there follows an adaptation of Franz Kafka’s “Amerika”, also directed by Dočekal. In his remarkable unfinished work, Kafka, the king of the absurd, lands the main character, a 16-year-old boy, on the shores of the New World, an incomprehensible, indecipherable and alien world which ridicules him. The author’s mocking tone is the starting point for Dočekal’s spectacular dramatization of the American Dream turned upside down. Tickets are CZK 100.

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