World Block Party: Panelák of Love

Title graphics: Tomáš Kelar. Text by Robin Smith.

Brno has developed into a buzzing hive of creative activity over the last decade. Now more than ever, the streets are full of artistic people drawn here from all over the world. The city is brimming with musicians, actors, sculptors, jewelry makers, fashion designers, record labels… artists of all kinds from every corner of the globe. Like San Francisco in 1969, Manchester in 1989, and Berlin in 1999, Brno in 2019 seems to be the hub for creative types from all over the world. To celebrate this creative energy that now calls Brno home, we are proud to introduce the World Block Party: Panelák of Love. It will be a showcase of musical delights from Brno and from all over the world.

Event Lineup


A warm blend of rock ‘n’ roll, punk rock and alternative sounds
Craggy Collyde is a new British/Slovak rock band based in Brno in the Czech Republic. Frontman Craggy comes from Britain, where he played for years in underground clubs with various debauched rock ́n ́ roll bands. One day he found himself in the middle of Moravia and while hanging around the bars of Brno with his acoustic show, he stumbled upon Veronika, a drummer from Slovakia. A project arose in which Craggy could realize his vision of a creative band with a full electric sound. In 2018, Craggy Collyde released their first single “Sorry Now”. The duo has risen up with glorious noise and melodies wrapped in songs of love, loss, and hangovers.


are an Irish / Scottish / South Moravian band who have grungy rock roots fused with electronic influences. Founded in 2014 by Martin Bystrický (guitars and machines), Lukáš Robek (Bass) and Paul O’Connor (Drums and Vocals), their first record Same River Twice (2015) was released to local acclaim on Ears and Wind records. The second release, At Least Half Noise (2018), part love-letter to 1990s alt-rock and part exploration of programmed drums, synths and modern recording techniques, has received more international attention and radio airplay. For At Least Half Noise, the band was joined by Scottish guitarist, Robin Smith, who previously played in a variety of Shoegaze and Stoner Rock bands.


are a Brno/London based Folk / Hip Hop outfit. Playing the World Block Party with a bit of a stripped down line up.


Afro-electro-house n techno.

Bella Valentina – mini-exhibition from Bella Valentina (USA) providing the decor and setting the scene for a great night

150kč – on the door

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