New Athletics Hall At Kampus Bohunice To Have Three Times More Parking Spaces

As a result of changes to the public procurement tender, approved by Brno City Council, the proposed athletics hall in Bohunice Kampus will have more parking places for spectators and will also have new technical wiring, for less than CZK 500,000. Visualisation: MMB.

Brno, Nov 14 (BD) – The hall, which will cost nearly CZK 785 million, is being developed by IMOS Brno, HOCHTIEF CZ, and SPORT Construction. Petr Hladík (KDU-CSL), First Deputy Mayor of Brno, welcomed the changes: “I’m pleased that we have succeeded in extending the parking area next to the athletic hall so that the number of spaces better meets the venue’s capacity.” Increasing the parking capacity will increase the cost of the project by more than CZK 21 million. David Grund (ODS), council member for investment, blamed the previous council for the changes: “We are correcting a project that had been poorly prepared by the previous administration, who had no solution for parking at the athletic hall at all.” 

Visualisation of the new hall. Credit: MMB.

The construction project will be divided into two stages. The preparation phase and obtaining of all necessary permits takes 16 months. The construction itself is then due to take 19 months, a total of 35 months. The capacity of the hall will be 2,200. “The start of the construction can be expected in May 2020. The hall between Netroufalky and Bítešská should be completed in the second half of 2021. The contractor is currently in the process of preparing the documentation.” added Grund.

Visualisation of the location of the new athletics hall. Credit: MMB.

The hall will have three storeys, with one floor underground and two above, and a supporting system designed to allow sports events to be visible from everywhere the auditorium. The hall is to be used by professional athletes and students of Masaryk University.

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